The Faculty of IT at Monash University offers a wide range of courses to choose from. Each course provides students with the knowledge and skills to make a difference and revolutionise:

  • the way we communicate
  • the way we conduct business
  • and the way we experience the world.

We are home to one of the most prestigious IT faculties in the world. To find out more, read our Why study IT at Monash page.


There are many IT scholarships available to both new and continuing students. For more information, please visit our Faculty of IT scholarships page.

How to apply

How you apply depends on the type of course you're applying for, and when you'd like to start. To find out more, visit our how to apply page.


The IT courses that we provide vary between Monash campuses. To find out what courses are offered at your campus of choice, visit our schools page.


Gain practical experience in a professional setting that counts towards your degree! Visit our industry engagement page for more information.