Industry Based Learning (IBL) scholarships

The IT Industry Based Learning Entry Scholarship

The IBL Entry scholarship is open to students who intend to apply for full-time study at the Clayton campus, in one of the following single degrees by the Faculty of Information Technology:

This scholarship is not available to students who enrol in any other degree, including the double degrees associated with the Faculty of IT.


The value of this scholarship is $5000. It is paid in two instalments of $2500 during the first year of study.


To be eligible, applicants must:

  • be studying an Australian Year 12 certificate or IB diploma in the year of application*
  • be an applicant for one of the specified single degree courses in the Faculty of Information Technology through VTAC in 2016
  • attain an ATAR of at least 80
  • have not undertaken any previous tertiary study.

* Students who have taken a ‘gap year’ in 2016 after completing Year 12 in 2015, and have met the eligibility requirements may also apply.

How to apply

To apply for this scholarship, you must submit the application form online by Tuesday 6 December, 2016.

All interested Year 12 applicants will be invited to an interview on Thursday 15 December 2016.


Number of placements

Total value of scholarships

Bachelor of Information Technology

Up to 2 placements

Up to $39,000

Bachelor of Computer Science

1 placement

Up to $22,000

Bachelor of Computer Science Advanced (Honours)

1 placement

Up to $22,000

Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours) starting with a Bachelor of Engineering
1 placement
Up to $22,000

All holders of the IT IBL Entry scholarship are eligible for the Industry Based Learning Placement Scholarship listed below. The number of placements depends on the degree.

The Industry Based Learning Placement Scholarship

The IBL Placement scholarship is open to current, full-time Clayton or Caulfield campus students who are enrolled in:

Successful applicants are paid their scholarship when they start their placement.


The value of this scholarship is $17,000 per placement. It is paid in two instalments of $8500. Students may be eligible for up to two placement scholarships, depending on the degree.


To be eligible, students must:

  • have completed all first year units as specified in their course map
  • have passed every unit with a 65% average across all units. (If you have previously failed a unit you may still be eligible to apply if you have since passed it)
  • have available elective space in their degree for the IBL units.

Course Information

Students must complete at least three semesters of their degree before starting their IBL placement.

We recommend students talk to their course director. They can give you important advice. For example, you should complete FIT2002 (Project Management) during summer semester (between first and second year), otherwise you may not finish the course on time.

How to apply

Expressions of interest are now closed for 2016. For further information please contact Jack Sotiriou ( or Sue Bedingfield ( for more information.

Interviews and selection

Admission into the IBL program is a two-stage process.

IBL industry partners conduct selection interviews in late November. Assessment criteria include communication skills, maturity, enthusiasm, initiative, leadership qualities, extra curricular activities and participation, academic performance, career interests and personal employment history.

Students who are successful in the selection interviews into the program participate in placement interviews during the semester one mid-semester break. These interviews are used to help place students at our industry partner organisations (Note that placements are not guaranteed and the availability may fluctuate).