21st International Conference on Information Systems Development (ISD2012), Prato, Italy, August 29-30, 2012

Keynote speeches

Doug Vogel portrait

Sustaining IS as a Discipline

by Doug Vogel


There has been much debate over the years about what is (or should be) the future of IS. In this talk, I reflect back to the some of the foundations of the discipline and how we got to where we are today. I go on to suggest some changes and provide a number of examples that indicate contemporary focus and issues in both research and teaching that, I think, will sustain the discipline well into the future. I also examine some of the challenges and suggest a way forward.

Short biography

Douglas R. Vogel is Professor of Information Systems in addition to Management Department Acting Head and is an Association for Information Systems (AIS) Fellow as well as AIS President. He received his M.S. in Computer Science from U.C.L.A. and his Ph.D. in Management Information Systems from the University of Minnesota where he was also research coordinator for the MIS Research Center. In a ten year relationship with a Colorado electronics manufacturer he served in virtually every technical and managerial capacity including Director of Engineering, General Manager and member of the Board of Directors. He has published widely and been recognized as the most cited IS author in Asia Pacific. Professor Vogel's teaching and research interests bridge the business and academic communities in addressing issues of information system creation and impact on aspects of interpersonal communication, group problem solving, cooperative learning, and multi-cultural team productivity. His interests reflect a concern for encouraging efficient and effective utilization of computer systems in an atmosphere conducive to enhancing the quality of life. He is especially active in introducing group support technology into enterprises and educational systems. His particular focus emphasizes integration of audio, video, and data in interactive distributed group support. Additional detail can be found at http://www.is.cityu.edu.hk/staff/isdoug/cv/.

Karlheinz Kautz portrait

Managing Sustainable Informations Systems Development - Culture, Balance, Mindfulness

by Karlheinz Kautz


Sustainable information systems development (ISD) in the context of the presentation is not about products that support sustainability at large with its environmental, economic, and social dimensions and little about the development of sustainable products, which are both without doubt important topics, but about a prerequisite for such products, namely a sustainable ISD process, a process which exhibits reasonable and responsible stewardship and utilization of the existing resources for ISD - people and information in the context of scope, time/schedule, budget/cost, quality and risk. Based on Schein's (1992) and Schneider's (1994) work on organizational culture theory and its application in information systems, Vidgen and Wang's (2009) work on complex adaptive systems theory and balancing the resulting challenges in information systems, and Butler and Gray's (2006) work on mindfulness theory and information systems, the keynote address will focus on the ideas of culture, balance and mindfulness and their significance for sustainable ISD. Beyond a conceptual treatment the talk will relate these notions to agile ISD and illustrate their applicability and impact on sustainable ISD through empirical examples.

Short biography

Karlheinz Kautz, Dr philos is professor in Systems Development at the Department of Operations Management at the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and the former Director of Studies of one of Europe's oldest degree program on IT and Business Administration. Previously he has been employed as a senior researcher at the Norwegian Computing Center and at universities in Germany, Norway, England and Denmark. He is a founding member and a former chairman of the IFIP TC8 WG 8.6 on Diffusion, Transfer, and Implementation of Information Technology and a member of AIS. He is the former coordinating editor of the Scandinavian Journal of IS. Currently he serves as senior editor or associate editor for the Communications of the AIS, the Journal of Information Technology, Information, Technology & People, and the Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application. Most recently he was involved as a guest co-editor in a special issue on 'New Trends in Information System Development' for the Information Systems Journal. His research interests are in information systems development, the diffusion and adoption of information technology innovations and the organizational and societal impact of IT.