21st International Conference on Information Systems Development (ISD2012), Prato, Italy, August 29-30, 2012

Social Events

Welcome reception and dinners

Event    Date
Welcome reception    29th August
Conference dinner    30th August

All registered conference attendees, except people who register for one day, may attend these events. They are already included in the registration fees and do not need to be booked. However, additional fees will need to be paid for any accompanying people who are not registered to attend the conference.

Walking tour in Prato

Duration: 2 hours

Date and time: Tuesday 28th August 3-5 pm, or Thursday 30th August 3-5 pm

Price: $15 per person

Places: the highlights of Prato such as the Santo Stefano Cathedral, the Emperor Castle, the basilica of Santa Maria delle Carceri, piazza del Comune (Townhall), Palazzo Datini.

Minimum number for each tour: 10 people

The walking tours are NOT included in the registration fees and need to be booked separately. You can register for the walking tours via online conference registration.

If you register for the walking tours, please note that there is a minimum number of 10 people in each tour. It means that when at least 10 people register for each tour then the tour will be running and we will charge you. Otherwise, we will let you know about the tour cancelation.