Research centres

Centre for Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications Research (MCCAR)

Research on multimedia signal processing and management, multimedia communication and sensor networks, and multimedia applications.

Centre for Organisational and Social Informatics (COSI)

Research that helps the development of individuals, organisations, and society through human-centred design and deployment of information and communication technologies.

Centre for Research in Intelligent Systems (CRIS)

Research focused on improving the intelligence of artificial and natural computational processes.

Data Science

Ever growing data assets bring numerous opportunities for better understanding of existing processes, forecasting and creation of more effective and productive processes, together with ever greater need for effective and efficient data management and processing.

Cognitive & Connectionist Systems Lab (CCSL)

Research at CCSL is ambitiously focused towards the realisation of conscious machines.

CTI-Monash Centre for Optimisation (CTI-Monash)

Research that creates better, more sophisticated optimisation software for use in travel, transport and logistics.

Research groups

Faculty of Information Technology research groups (staff only)