CTI-Monash Centre

The CTI-Monash Centre is a collaboration between the Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University, and Constraint Technologies

Our vision is to be the world-leading research centre in optimisation in travel, transport and logistics. This includes all the techniques of operations, metaheuristics, constraint programming and artificial intelligence.

We seek to increase the accuracy, scalability and flexibility of optimisation software for solving problems in industry and government. We combine techniques from separate research areas, including constraint programming, mathematical programming and population-based techniques. Our method is to separate problem modelling from problem solving, and to transform the model into a form that can be efficiently solved by hybrid algorithms.

We have received $2m research funding from ARC linkage grants.

Monash objectives for the CTI-Monash Centre

  • Establish an ARC Centre of Excellence in Optimisation. Monash will enhance its international profile in the area of optimisation, with the ultimate target of becoming the first worldwide centre for optimisation that includes all the techniques of operations research, metaheuristics, constraint programming, and artificial intelligence.
  • Meet Monash's target of engagement and impact on industry through our research.
  • Attract world-class optimisation researchers through leading-edge research and supported by additional funding.

CTI objectives for the CTI-Monash Centre

  • Maintain CTI, its software and products at the leading edge of technology for planning and operational control in the travel, transport and logistics sector.
  • Create new optimisers satisfying and stimulating demand within the target sector.
  • Enhance our reputation in the eyes of existing and potential customers, partners and employees.

New-generation software for the transport industry

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Monash has a long history both in operations research and constraint programming. Monash researchers first published the core ideas in 1987.

Monash has a leading role in the National ICT Australia Limited (NICTA) optimisation research group and has a new focus on supply-chain optimisation. Monash has also funded optimisation collaborations with Melbourne Operations Research (MORe).

CTI has more than 10 years experience in delivering optimisation software for planning and operational control to the TTL sector.

CTI and Monash began their research relationship with a three-month consultancy in 2005.