Centre for Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications Research

Developing innovative multimedia concepts, technologies and applications

The Centre for Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications Research (MCCAR) conducts research in three main areas.

Multimedia signal processing and management

We focus on two challenging issues:

  • reducing storage and communication bandwidth requirement by developing innovative compression techniques
  • extracting and representing multimedia features for efficient indexing and retrieval

We have significant expertise in coding standards of different aspects of multimedia, especially in JPEG and MPEG, and robust features with applications ranging from communications through inexpensive devices to remote surveillance to medical imaging.

Multimedia communication and sensor networks

We improve communication systems, including network resource management, mobile communications, and emerging technologies like wireless sensors and mesh networks. We deal with intelligent processing of communication data including multimedia elements with applications ranging from high speed mobile internet access to medical applications.

Innovative multimedia applications

We conduct research into the conceptual and technical aspects of the application of multimedia technologies to disciplines such as human computer interaction, 3D graphics, information visualization, 3D computer games, and educational multimedia. Our research impacts on diverse fields, including virtual archaeology and palaeontology using 3D simulations, interactive 3D computer games and interfaces, and computer assisted learning technologies.

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