Graduate Research Supervisors and their research areas

The Faculty also has expertise in a number of other related research areas, including: Communications Technologies; Bioinformatics (and Computational Biology); Specialist Studies in Education; Business and Management; Policy and Administration; Political Science; Sociology; Cognitive Sciences; Film, Television and Digital Media; Archaeology; and Curatorial and Related Studies.

The Faculty primarily conducts research in seven Fields of Research (FoR). To assist future students to locate an appropriate supervisor, academics are listed under the following research areas:

Artificial intelligence and image processing

Research area Researchers
Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
Artificial Life
Computer Graphics
Computer Vision
Expert Systems
Image Processing
Natural Language Processing
Neural, Evolutionary and Fuzzy Computation
Pattern Recognition and Data Mining
Simulation and Modelling
Swarm Robotics and Swarm Intelligence
Virtual Reality and Related Simulation
Adaptive Agents and Intelligent Robotics

Computation theory and mathematics

Research area Researchers
Computation Theory and Mathematics
Analysis of Algorithms and Complexity
Applied Discrete Mathematics
Computational Logic and Formal Languages
Combinatorics and Discrete Mathematics (excl. Physical Combinatorics)
Applied Mathematics - Biological Mathematics
Applied Mathematics - Operations Research
Numerical and Computational Mathematics - Optimisation
Applied Statistics and; Statistical Theory

Computer software

Research area Researchers
Bioinformatics (and Computational Biology)
Computer Software
Computer System Security
Multimedia Programming  
Programming Languages
Software Engineering

Data format

Research area Researchers
Data Format
Coding and Information Theory
Data Encryption

Distributed computing

Research area Researchers
Distributed Computing
Distributed and Grid Systems
Distributed Sensing
Mobile Technologies
Ubiquitous Computing
Web Technologies (excl. Web Search)

Information systems

Research area Researchers
Information Systems
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Information and Knowledge Systems Professor Sue McKemmish
Computer-Human Interaction
Database Management
Decision Support and Group Support Systems
Global Information Systems
Information Systems Development Methodologies Emeritus Professor David Arnott
Information Systems Management
Information Systems Organisation
Inter-organisational Information Systems and Web Services

Library and information studies

Research area Researchers
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Knowledge Management Professor Sue McKemmish
Health Informatics Professor Frada Burstein
Information Retrieval and Web Search
Library and Information Studies
Organisation of Information and Knowledge Resources
Records and Information Management (excl. Business Records and Information Management) Dr Joanne Evans
Social and Community Informatics


Research area Researchers
Business and Management - Business Information Management (incl. Records, Knowledge and Information Management, and Intelligence) Assoc. Professor Henry Linger
Business and Management - Business Information Systems
Business and Management - Innovation and Technology Management Dr Mahbubur Rahim
Business and Management - Logistics and Supply Chain Management Assoc. Professor Chung-Hsing Yeh
**Business Intelligence/Business Analytics
Curatorial and Related Studies - Archival, Repository and Related Studies
Policy and Administration - Health Policy Dr Sue Bedingfield
Cognitive Sciences - Computer Perception, Memory and Attention
** Computational social science Dr Julian Garcia Gallego
**Computer music Professor Jon McCormack
** Data Science
Ecology Professor David Green
Energy Efficiency, Distributed Energy and Demand Management. Dr Ariel Liebman
Evolutionary biology Professor David Green
** Evolutionary computing Dr Kevin Korb
Film, Television and Digital Media - Computer Gaming and Animation Dr Tom Chandler
Film, Television and Digital Media - Electronic Media Art
** Game theory Dr Julian Garcia Gallego
** Information Visualisation Dr Tim Dwyer
** Knowledge Management Dr Jeremy Aarons
**Machine Learning
**Modelling Social Systems / Biological Systems using Information Theory Dr Carlo Kopp
**Philosophy of Science Dr Kevin Korb
**Social Media Dr Rob Meredith
Sociology Dr Steve Wright
Sociology – Social Theory Professor David Green
Specialist Studies in Education - Educational Technology and Computing
Transportation and Freight Services - Air Transportation and Freight Services 150701 Assoc. Professor Chung-Hsing Yeh
** Virtual heritage Dr Tom Chandler