Visualising Angkor

Collaborating Organisations: Caulfield School of IT / University of Sydney Greater Angkor Project / Monash Asia Institute
Project Coordinators / Advisors: Tom Chandler (Monash University), Roland Fletcher, Martin Polkinghorne (University of Sydney), Angelo Andrea Di Castro (Monash University)
Research Assistants: Brent McKee, Chandara Ung, Michael Lim, Elliott Wilson

The Visualising Angkor project explores the 3D generation and animation of landscapes, people, soundscapes and architecture in a medieval century Cambodian metropolis. The resulting scenes draw upon a wide range of archaeological and historical data, from bas-reliefs to Chinese eye-witness accounts and extensive mapping undertaken by the Greater Angkor Project and the EFEO. In comparison to the familiar historical staples of Rome, Greece and Egypt, the virtual image of Angkor remains unexplored. The recent inclusion of Angkor as a subject of study in the Australian national High School history curriculum is timely, but it also presents some interesting challenges.



Visualising Angkor Images / Animations Supplied Under License:


Chandler, T and Polkinghorne, M Visualising Angkor: 3D images and animations selected from Monash University’s Visualising Angkor Project Curated Online Exhibition at the Google Cultural Institute

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Angkor Animations Display in West Mebon Vishnu Room National Museum of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, 2009 to present

3D Animations of Angkor, National Geographic online, 2009 to present